2010 marked a pretty significant year for DeKalb Office. The company had just refreshed a 50+ year old visual identity and purchased a second dealership in Birmingham, AL. With change and growth occurring at the same time, we needed to place an emphasis on living within our brand, three dimensionally.

Our work culture was changing and we needed to adapt in order to reflect the 4 major kinds of work: collaborating, focusing, learning and socializing. With the help of Steelcase (link) and ProgressiveAE (link), DeKalb Office embarked on a total showroom renovation in both Atlanta and Birmingham offices. Our goals were to:

• Demonstrate an integrated brand story

• Stimulate and inspire our team members as well as customers

• Provide a working showroom

• Be agile and adaptive to demonstrate furniture trends

• Create one, shared vision

• Make work visible

We broke out of our high panel workstations and focused on changing the way our team members work together by making work visible, adding collaboration areas, grouping team members by vertical market and providing a WOW-factor work environment.

We utilized the Steelcase Workplace Survey suite to gain insight and help determine the work need of each employee. This was an excellent way to engage our employees in our efforts to change our work environment.

Today, we’re happy to report that we are actually living the brand we sell. Currently, our customer experience center is undergoing a refresh. We’ve, once again, utilized Steelcase tools (Workplace Satisfaction Surveys) to determine how satisfied our employees are within their workspace. Stay tuned for a more detailed story on our refresh

Birmingham, AL Customer Experience Center
Atlanta, GA Customer Experience Center

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