ASD Dressed Team pictured with their sponsors.

DeKalb Office, along with Steelcase and Hansgrohe, was thrilled to sponsor the ASD team in this year’s IIDA Dressed event. Dressed is one of the IIDA Georgia Chapter’s largest annual events and pairs Atlanta’s most talented interior designers and architects with the architectural and design industry manufacturers to create one of a kind, wearable garments out of non-traditional materials.

Teams of 2-5 designers are challenged to construct a highly unique garment made almost entirely from their sponsoring manufacturer’s products including: wall coverings, flooring materials, deconstructed contract furniture, paint and more; materials traditionally used to create and furnish buildings.

This years concept was Dressed in Seasons: Thru World Changing Events. Teams were assigned to design garments that represented their personal interpretation of particular world events. See below to read more on ASD’s conceptual interpretation of their garment assignment, World War II…

Our garment construction represents the leadership and strength of American Troops, the change of societal roles of women, and the ‘Can Do’ spirit. The materials used are symbolic of household items that were donated to the war cause, embodying the flexibility to use all materials available as a means to an end. And most notably our garment represents the culmination of the battle in the form of an atomic bomb and its effect on our nation and the entire world. During this tumultuous time, innovation, honor, and fortitude were powerful weapons. Our garment reflects these times, and through the materials and creativity, represents the tenacity of the world in the face of major and the subsequent global change.

A clip from ASD’s garment inspiration binder.

IIDA Georgia hosts Dressed to give designers the opportunity to unleash their creativity and connect with the Atlanta and surrounding communities. The event is also used to support local charities as well as promote the local IIDA Chapter. For more information on IIDA or how to get involved, visit

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